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Blue Bird

(Animation, Biography)

USA - 3:00 minutes

Director: Parnaz Rad, Seth Greenwood, Nicole Tylor, Vinod Krishnan, Armando Brown, Belen Saenz de Viteri, Chuzhong Xie, Miranda Conway, Allie Perdomo

Narrator: Matthew Maloney

A lone bluebird tries to escape from the caverns of a withered heart. As it struggles to find its way, it discovers the history of a scarred life that has left its story on the heart, imprinted for the bird to see. A virtual reality experience that explores the feelings of happiness, anger, regret, and acceptance and the incredible effect they have on a person’s life.

Thursday, March 7

5:00pm CST

Friday, March 8

5:00pm CST

Saturday, March 9

12:00pm CST

2:00pm CST

4:00pm CST

6:00pm CST