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Making Friends

(Comedy, Drama)

UK - 10:00 minutes

Director: Chris Vincze

Writer: Mark Davison, David Shute, Joel Veitch, Pat Shulenburg, Chris Vincze

Producer: Mark Davison, Chris Vincze, Naomi Ayres, Ben Rogers

Cast: Mark Davison, Lucy Roslyn, Rick Warden, Lucy Barker


Mo Patterson, a lonely weirdo with only his collection of stuffed animals for company, tries to avoid contact with the outside world, and the romantic attentions of his oddball tenant. An invitation to his old school reunion brings the opportunity to reconnect with his old childhood sweetheart - it's just a shame she's now married to the school bully who made his life hell all those years ago. Rebuffed at the party, Mo hatches a plan to force them to be his friends, but all is not as it seems as his quest for friendship takes a dark turn.

Wednesday, March 6

5:50pm CST