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My Paintbrush Bites


USA - 16:03 minutes

Director: Joel Pincosy, Co-director Joe Egender

Producer: Joe Egender, Joel Pincosy

Cast: Ron Krajewski, Wendy Krajewski, Metro Meteor, Kim Brokaw



Trailer: https://vimeo.com/273208096

My Paintbrush Bites is an exploration of loneliness, fame and artistic collaboration. Metro Meteor, a successful racehorse with a unique personality, had his career cut short due to debilitating knee injuries. As is the case with many racehorses, he was headed for the slaughterhouse when Ron Krajewski, a loner with no previous horse-owning experience, decided to adopt him. As Metro’s injuries become life-threatening and Ron’s isolation deepens, they use painting as a way to cope. The results will change their lives forever.

Saturday, March 9

11:15am CST