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Sad Man's Club


USA - 15:01 minutes

Writer/Director: Chris Alan Evans

Producer: Colby Doler, Taylor Doler, Peggy Bayard, B. Pat Green, Chris Alan Evans

Cast: Alexander Jeffery, Josh Martin, Chris Rager, Keith Rushing, Alexandra Harris, Chris Alan Evans, Johnny Walker, Alex Dafnis




trailer https://www.vimeo.com/290062021

A nine-to-fiver is sick and tired of his daily routine, until a co-worker invites him into a secret club that turns his world downside up. After narrowly escaping a firing from his soul-eating job, Glen confirms his depression to co-worker Jeff. Jeff is inspired to offer Glen an invite to his unspoken "men's club" that is sure to "help" him solve his problems. Glen is given a business card with only a phone number and a crude sad face which leads him to his mysterious recruiter named Splinter. Glen starts attending meetings and quickly learns that tasks will be asked of him if he should decide to stay. Glen is led into some awkward positions during his tasks and can’t figure out the rhyme, reason or benefit. Until he does.

Friday, March 8

6:00pm CST