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The Green Line


Cyprus - 6:15 minutes

Director: Ioannis Bekiaris, Alexis Mavros

Writer/Narrator: Dimitrios Ikonomou

Producer: Stelios Aletraris, Ioannis Bekiaris, Stavros Charalambous, Dimitrios Ikonomou, Alexis Mavros


trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjwe9pUr1uI&t=2s

World premiered at CannesNEXT

The Green Line is a VR short film documenting areas of the UN Buffer Zone in Cyprus, some unseen by the public since 1963. The Green Line immerses viewers into one of the most restricted places on the planet, in an effort to raise international awareness for the current political situation in Cyprus, a nation divided since 1974.

The Green Line team was granted access into the Cyprus Buffer Zone in January 2016. Escorted by UN convoy, the team filmed what remains of the abandoned villages of Selemani, Varisheia, and the abandoned Nicosia International Airport.
Thursday, March 7

5:00pm CST

Friday, March 8

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Saturday, March 9

12:00pm CST

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